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Hailey stirred gently as the early morning light seeped in through the partly opened curtains. She smiled as she felt warm arms wrap around her, those lovely arms belonged to her husband. She snuggled back into his warmth, grinding her ass on his morning wood as he groaned softly.

“Good morning”, he spoke sleepily, kissing the back of her neck as she snuggled even closer.

“Good morning baby”, she replied and kissed his arm. “It’s our anniversary”, she turned around to face him, his eyes were still closed but he was awake.
“Happy anniversary baby”, he leaned in and kissed her, his arm pulling her closer. He was dressed in just his pyjamas pants, while the only thing she had on was a transparent nightie just stopped just below the ass. He pressed his bulge to her stomach as he kissed her, her hand slipping past the elastic band of his pyjamas pants to grab his rock hard member.

“Hmmm”, he moaned softly as she stroked him, her slender fingers curling around his erection. She pulled down his pyjamas pants, his erection springing out as she got on top of him. She straddled him, the heat of her pussy on his erection as she brought her lips down on his. He fondled her breasts through the thin nightie as he kissed her, his thumbs caressing her erect nipples. She sat up on him, her thin nightie bunching up at her waist as she prepared for him.
“Oh…yes”, she moaned softly as she grabbed his cock, slowly lifting herself and then descending on his inches until he was nestled deep in her. Her palms sank into the soft skin of his chest as they bonded, his hands grabbing her waist as he guided her. She was literally in the driving seat now, her hips rotating on him as they made love. He moaned as his hands explored her body, her tits bouncing in front of him as they fucked.

He grabbed her ass as the passion consumed them, holding it up as he slammed his cock up into her. Both of them were moaning uncontrollably, their sounds of ecstasy echoing around the room as their bodies clapped to pleasure’s own music. He placed his hands on her boobs, fondling them as she bounced on him, both of them moaning and grunting in unison. They were rocking and grinding hard at each other now, the passion and lust totally consuming them as they went higher and higher on pleasure’s plane.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”, Hailey basically yelled out as she orgasmed, her body jerking with pleasure. It started from deep within her, spreading to every part of her as she held on to him. He climaxed with her, his muscles flexing as he grunted, his semen flowing into her.

“I love you baby”, she kissed him, her tongue dancing into his mouth as his cock slipped out.
“I love you too baby”, he kissed her back as he wrapped his arms around her.