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It felt more like a club house than a prom party. Neon flashing lights, lots of drinks, and lots of sweaty people, the place basically smelled like wild horny teenagers. Adam felt choked, he wasn’t feeling the whole thing at all, he just needed some fresh air. He dropped the red cup he was holding somewhere and stepped out. He sat under a shade close to the football field, taking out his phone as he started flipping through Instagram.

“What are you doing out here alone?”, Jessie, his best friend walked up to him.

“It felt hot inside”, he smiled as he shifted for her to sit.

“I felt hot too”, she smiled as she sat down, her gaze locking his in as the breeze blew gentle. They had been best friends for over 7 years, and even though they had nearly crossed the line a couple times, they had never actually done so.

“Your eyes are really beautiful”, Adam spoke gently as he tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

“Thanks”, she mouthed as she moved closer to him, covering the space between them until their thighs touched. She moved in gently, step by step until her lips were less than half a inch from his. He kissed her, a brief peck on the lips as he leaned back for her reaction. She leaned in and kissed him too, they were finally going to cross the line. His hands danced all over her as he stripped her clothes, it was just raw hunger and desire at work.

She flopped to the sandy floor quickly, spreading her legs out as she invited him in. He unbuckled his belt, tossing it to one side as he unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out, Jessie’s eyes still on him as he got between her legs.

“Ohhh”, she moaned out loud as he pushed his cock into her, her fingers digging into his back as she held on for support. He kissed her as he thrust in and out of her gently at first, his cock splitting her sleek wet walls apart. She moaned with every move he made, every thrust and stroke causing waves after waves of pleasure to rip through her.
“Fuck! Yes!”, he raised one of her legs up, getting full access to her wet and engorged pussy as he pounded it. Their wet bodies slammed together now, the “Kpack!” “Kpack!” sound ringing around the empty area. She was close to her peak now, and it just seemed like every thrust pushed her closer towards the edge.
Both of them climaxed together, their fluids flowing into each other as they quivered under the hold of their orgasm. They had finally crossed the line, and at that moment in time, it felt really right.

“You want to go back inside?”, Jessie asked after they had worn their clothes.
“No, let’s just stay out here”, he replied as he looked up at the sky, the breeze was blowing gentle again.